Shaun Walby

“My interest in photography started many years ago along side my passion for mountaineering, particularly in Chamonix/French Alps. As the soft pre-dawn light slowly fills the mountains the scenes before you are truly stunning….the seed was firmly sown; my love of landscapes has its roots among awe inspiring Aiguilles of the Chamonix valley.
Other than a period involved in music,ive been busy in the great outdoors all my life.

I love both colour and monochrome work, the later sparked (like so many) by seeing ”the clearing storm” Ansel Adams many years ago. Monochrome images for me convey a power, emotion and atmosphere that is often harder to communicate in colour. Conversely the stunning colours of dawn and sunset make colour images a must.

Closer to home I live in Yorkshire close to the National Parks of the Yorkshire Dales , Yorkshire Moors, Peak District and the Lake District, Northumberland & Snowdonia can be reached in 3 hrs, the highlands of Scotland 6 hrs.

Landscape photography for me is about a willingness to get to amazing places frequently at dawn or sunset, at all times of year in all conditions. I sometimes use a bivy bag to sleep where I intend to shot dawn if access is difficult, as is usually the case in high mountain environments. Bivying makes the logistics harder but almost always enables better images to be captured and adds to the photographic experience for me. “