Sally Siko

As a child I have always wanted to make my mark on something. It never mattered the medium or the materials used, it was all about the finished product looking exactly right to me. I loved to paint and draw and would do so whenever I could.

I discovered photography was a great way to express my creative nature in a way that wasn’t as much as a time consumer as painting or drawing was. It is also an activity which I can include others in, as opposed to needing peace and solitude to get the job done.

Bold colors, soft tones and bright highlights are the brushes now that color the view of my canvas through the camera lens.

I hope that my artwork inspires others to stop and examine the evidence for a clear and elegant design which can be found in the smallest and often simplest order of natural things.

To all of my customers, thank you so much for every purchase, you have given me the chance to do what I think I was made to do for a living.
I consider it a honor that you would accept my artwork into your home I hope that it brings you happiness for many years to come.

Sally Adams Siko

Ecclesiastes 12:6-7

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