Ricki Mountain

Ricki Mountain is an independent artist who lives and works in Northern California. She has emerged as one of West Coast’s leading abstract expressionist painters. Her original artwork has been shown nationally with much of it residing in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. She is a licensed artist whose work has been published by most of the major art publishing companies, and her artwork is produced in a wide variety of mediums running the gamut from prints, art sets, and canvases to dishes, decorative furnishings, and wallpaper https://newzpharmacy.com/. She is a life long artist, learner, wife, mother, and successful blogger who worked in the art publishing world for over 20 years – most recently as an Art Consultant for a number of top art publishers. She is also the creator and owner of recently launched Groove Press – an online artist co-operative marketplace that she created specifically for people to easily and inexpensively sell their handcrafted items, artist supplies, media, and vintage items in a friendly and supportive online environment.

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