Christina Madden

Christina Madden is an abstract impressionist painter from Medford, Oregon with a love for light and color that shows in her landscapes, florals, scenes with people and more. From vineyard landscapes to castles on the Rhine, this artist’s work with color in her paintings is both playful and profound. As she delves into her primary colors, she creates her own worlds using her imagination and remembered scenery from her travels. Her work with color leads to a wonderful emphasis on light in her paintings, resulting in the many landscapes with glowing sunrises and sunsets, glittering waterscape scenes and floral still life paintings in her portfolio. Christina’s evolving style of abstract impressionism gives us a real-world subject with colors brought forward to enhance the viewer’s appreciation for the artist’s view of the ordinary world around us. Painting in acrylic, oils and mixed media, she reveals the hidden beauty in all she sees and leaves a lasting impression of light and color in the heart and mind of her viewers.

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