Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley was born in Fairfax, VA. He has an MFA in Painting from Indiana University and a BA from the College of William and Mary. He has exhibited nationally and lectured at several schools, including George Washington University, the College of William and Mary, George Mason University, Prince George’s Community College, Anne Arundel Community College, Northern Virginia Community College, and the Washington Studio School. Recent exhibition venues include First Street Gallery (NYC), William and Mary’s Andrews Gallery (VA), Muscarelle Museum of Art (VA), Linda Matney Gallery (VA), Charles H. Taylor Arts Center (VA), DCAC Gallery (DC), Porch Projects (DC), Brentwood Arts Exchange (MD), Capitol Arts Network (MD), and HUB-BUB Showroom Gallery (SC). His portfolio includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and digital work. He was briefly a member of ASTM and has made his own paints and inks for both himself and other artists. Brian Kelley also has been a broadcast DJ for WCWM (VA) and WIUX (IN).

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